5 Preventive Screenings You Should Never Skip

We get it: life gets busy and sometimes taking the time to schedule an appointment for yourself takes a backseat to – well – just about everything else. But it’s important to make your health a priority. Here’s a list of preventive screenings that are important to prioritize for your whole health.


Annual Well Visit

All ages benefit from an annual wellness check. The best part? It’s free! In this appointment, your primary care provider screens for a variety of diseases, assesses your risk for future problems, discusses your lifestyle habits and makes sure you’re up to date on your vaccinations. Call the Member Experience Center at 855-747-7476 to find a Primary Care Physician who can help you start this journey.



In most cases, women and men should undergo regular colonoscopies (once every five to ten years) starting at age 50 (perhaps sooner based on your personal risk factors and/or family history). Performed under sedation in the outpatient setting, a colonoscopy can identify precancerous polyps or early cancerous cells so they can be removed.


Dental Exam and Cleaning

Dental exams are recommended for all individuals every six months, with X-rays once per year. Professional dental cleanings remove plaque and bacteria that may otherwise lead to tooth and gum disease. During a dental exam, your dentist also checks for signs of tongue and mouth cancer. Having regular dental exams is important since problems with your dental health can be an indication of other health problems, such as osteoporosis.


Cholesterol Screening

Most people should undergo regular cholesterol screening starting at age 45. However, you should start cholesterol screening at age 20 if you:

  • Are a smoker
  • Are overweight or obese
  • Have diabetes, high blood pressure (hypertension) or heart disease

You should expect to undergo cholesterol screening every five years. Identifying and treating a problem with your cholesterol levels can help reduce your risk of developing heart disease.


Skin Exam

There are many factors that play into the screening schedule for preventive skin exams, so speak with your primary care provider or dermatologist to determine the schedule that’s right for you. Undergoing regular skin exams enables your healthcare provider to track any worrisome moles, lumps or bumps you may have, along with identifying and treating early signs of skin cancer.


Take the Time to Care for Yourself

Call the Member Experience Center at 855-747-7476 so we can help you schedule one of these important screenings.

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