When was your last preventative checkup?

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One of the easiest ways to stay healthy is through preventive annual checkups and screenings. The great news is that most of these can be completed by your Personal Physician or through a referral that your physician can provide. Diseases caught early almost always have a better outcome than one found later, both in results of treatment and cost. Some of these include your annual wellness visit, screenings for Diabetes and certain Cancers, among others.  Click here for a complete list for your age.




These are just some of the preventative screenings that you should have to stay happy and healthy! Make sure you ask your Personal Physician next time you have your annual checkup so you stay ahead of schedule with these exams. Contact the Member Experience Center if you don’t have a Personal Physician yet. With one call, we can help you find a physician and get you scheduled for a checkup right away. Call (855) 747-7476 today!









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