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Portobello Chard Sauté with Whole Wheat Pasta

Highly nutritious and much prized, Swiss chard is not only tasty but surprisingly beautiful, whether dark green or wearing stalks of many colors as the rainbow variety. It’s also not from Switzerland at all, but keep its secret and enjoy. The flavor of the chard, halfway between spinach and collards

Black Bean and Salsa Breakfast Egg Burrito

The dark, rich and smoky flavor of black bean spread, the zing of jalapeño and lime-accented fresh tomato salsa, and the comfort food that is scrambled eggs, all wrapped together. Here’s a combination of individual recipes that will be welcome in any cook’s repertoire. Together they are a

Stove Top Cinnamon Cranberry Sauce

It might be tempting to buy that perennial can of jellied cranberries—there might be one left over from Thanksgivings past in your cupboard right now—but there’s really no comparison between that and this handmade supper trimming. Just watching the magic as it jells might be enough. And don’t limit

Simple Catalan Tomato Sauce for Fish

Barcelona is known for architecture, late-night entertainment, and food that is simple, fresh and very, very good. The Catalan diet depends on the staples of north-east Spain; olives, plump tomatoes, and some of the best olive oil in the world. This simple but very flavorful (and healthy) tomato