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Recipe of the Month: Whole Wheat Applesauce Pancakes

An infinitely changeable recipe, depending purely on what kind of apple is used in the dense whole wheat batter. Apples are full of dietary fiber and phytonutrients, helpful in regulating glucose levels, and have been shown to curb appetite. Try a Granny Smith or Crispin for bright and tart flavors

Recipe of the Month: Herb-scented Quinoa with Swiss Chard

Created by Chef Edwin Cabrera Copyright © AdventHealth Press Hard to believe that the sagebrush, known as tumbleweed from all those old cowboy movies, is a relative of the now highly regarded quinoa plant, found in the high Andes mountains for thousands of years. These chewy seeds are called one of

Recipe of the Month: Cumin and Chipotle Spiced Potatoes

A tasty variation of the old standby, home fries. Adding ground cumin and sassy chipotle pepper to sautéed potatoes brings out a great flavor and adds a golden color to the dish. And the richly nutritious potatoes get an added boost from the proven health benefits of cumin, shown to be a good source

Recipe of the Month: Thyme and Date Stuffing

You might think of “stuffing” as something that needs a large turkey and a massive family gathering to enjoy. Not so! In fact, stuffing cooked outside a bird is called dressing, and a delightful dress this is. The combination of sweet apricots and dates, deeply savory garlic, and onions and crunchy