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Recipe of the Month: Herb-scented Quinoa with Swiss Chard

Created by Chef Edwin Cabrera Copyright © AdventHealth Press Hard to believe that the sagebrush, known as tumbleweed from all those old cowboy movies, is a relative of the now highly regarded quinoa plant, found in the high Andes mountains for thousands of years. These chewy seeds are called one of

Recipe of the Month: Cumin and Chipotle Spiced Potatoes

A tasty variation of the old standby, home fries. Adding ground cumin and sassy chipotle pepper to sautéed potatoes brings out a great flavor and adds a golden color to the dish. And the richly nutritious potatoes get an added boost from the proven health benefits of cumin, shown to be a good source

Recipe of the Month: Thyme and Date Stuffing

You might think of “stuffing” as something that needs a large turkey and a massive family gathering to enjoy. Not so! In fact, stuffing cooked outside a bird is called dressing, and a delightful dress this is. The combination of sweet apricots and dates, deeply savory garlic, and onions and crunchy

Recipe of the Month: Quick Broccoli and Edamame Side Dish with Sweet and Savory Dressing

Every ingredient in this recipe shouts out its health benefits. The fact that it tastes good – and can be done in 11 minutes – is a bonus. Asian flavor profiles are represented well: the tartness of vinegar (an age-old health booster), sweet and savory marmalade, and a splash of spice from mustard