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You Matter: Suicide Awareness and Prevention

You are not alone. September is Suicide Prevention Month, and we want you to know that you are valuable, your life matters and that there is help if you or someone you care about needs it. We’re also here to educate you on how you can help if someone close to you is showing signs that suicide might be a possibility. By listening, observing and taking appropriate action, we can all play a role in making life better for those around us — possibly even saving a precious life

What You Learn About Your Heart From a Cholesterol Test

Cholesterol often gets a bad rap. We’re constantly warned to stay away from foods high in cholesterol and encouraged to keep cholesterol levels down. But, in reality, some cholesterol is necessary for our bodies to function.

5 Common Health Conditions That Affect Hispanic Communities

We’re celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month (September 15 through October 15) and want to remind everyone that by being aware of our health risks, we’re more equipped to look for early signs of illness and seek appropriate care while we highlight some of the most common conditions that affect our Hispanic communities.

The 5 Vaccines Everyone Should Consider

Vaccines play an important role in protecting you in every phase of life, and they become particularly important as we get older and risks to certain diseases climb higher. Certain vaccines are proven to be safe and very effective in preventing several diseases that can have very serious implications for aging populations.