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Staying Healthy

The Truth About Family Medicine Doctors

Today’s family medicine doctor, or primary care physician, is a specialist who plays an important role in patients’ lives. In fact, family medicine practitioners could help your entire family enjoy better health by partnering with you to prevent, diagnose and treat illness, and connect you with specialists when needed. Let’s take a moment to separate myths from facts when it comes to these skilled and knowledgeable physicians.

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Staying Healthy Tips


Recipe of the Month: Mango Multiberry Smoothie

The marvelous flavor and aroma of mangoes comes from some very complex chemical processes, but all anyone really needs to know is how good they taste. Large football-shaped mangoes, usually from California or Florida, have more meat but a sometimes-fibrous texture; smaller, palm-sized fruit from Mexico, usually a golden color, are sweeter and smoother textured. The tart/sweet flavor goes well with ripe berries and a quick spin in the blender. 


Crisp "Almost Pickled" Cucumber Salad

This recipe is what might be termed an “almost pickle”, a 20-minute soak in two kinds of vinegar bringing the cuke to a softened and slightly tart state without calling for cooking or an unbearably long wait before eating this refreshing salad. 

Get Crafty - Activities like coloring or painting ease mental stress and improve mental functions.

Play Games with Your Family - Getting everyone together with board or card games is a fun way to stay connected.